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Monday, February 9, 2009

Liang Tea Part 4 : Chrysanthemum morifolium

This plant comes from the land of China. Has many species of chrysanthemum, Chrysanthemum indicum, among others, (yellow flower), Chrysanthemum morifolium (purple and pink) and daisy Chrysanthemum (rounded shape). Chrysanthemum plants can be planted annual or parennial. If only life cycle to produce flowers, seasonal plants, including this, but if harvested after the plant flowers and flowering plants left back periodically, and this includes the annual plant.

Mum is also useful to treat inflammation sinusitis, cough, sore stomach, liver detoxification, anti-bacterial, anti-virus, anti-inflammation, eye health


Liang Tea Part 3 : Cinnamomum burmannii

Told by Fauzan Azima, (Food Science Doctor IPB) that cinnamon composed of compound sinamaldehid. Sinamaldehid is derived from the compound fenol. In the medical world, has a known compound sinamaldehid nature of anti-platelet aggregation and as a vasodilator in vitro. Platelet cholesterol is attached to the blood vessel. Aggregation (aggregation) platelet caused asterosklerosis or fat harden in the arterial duct in living creatures.
Aterosklerosis triggered a high cholesterol level or blood in hiperkolesterolemia. In addition, he added, the process modifications LDL (low density lipid) or better known as the fat evil, is also the important factors that drive the aterosklerosis. Because LDL pitch modification or pitch oxidation can not be identified makrofag through reseptor normal, so will be arrested with LDL Scavenger reseptor. In the end makrofag will be turned into foam cells and gradually will become aterosklerosis.

According to him, when aterosklerosis clog the blood vessel more than 70%, then the condition is concerned. The very severe situation is person infark experienced heart or stroke. Aterosklerosis disease is synonymous with the twilight age of 40 years and over. But the latest findings, said aterosklerosis also suffered teenagers starting age 12 years. This is because the pattern of eating less food as well high fat and sugar with consumption ektrak cinnamon, aterosklerosis can be prevented. Cinnamon extract obtained through testing using the two solvent is water and ethanol. With the solvent ethanol extract containing cinnamon fenol total 62.25%. This higher degree of ektrak use the water that is equal to 9.3%. Compound that is found flanonoid, tanin, triterpenoid, and saponin.
Potency cinnamon lower total cholesterol in the body have been tried by Fauzan in the rabbit. Evidently, the rabbits were given feed containing cinnamon extract, total cholesterol fell from 44.3 mg / dl to be 139.1 mg / dl, LDL-C of 286.5 mg / dl to be 95.8 mg / dl, and the degree trigliserida from 122.2 mg / dl to be 61.2 mg / dl. More surprising that cinnamon extract was able to increase High Density lipid (HDL-C) from 32.4 mg / dl to be 50.0 mg / dl, and the occurrence of fat in the liver of the rabbit to be 27.47, on average, 3.59 Average grains per field of view of fat in microscope scale 400 times.
Giving ektrak the entry in the family as cassia vera 200 ppm / kg body weight / day is more effective than the provision of 100 ppm / kg / bb / day and drugs aterosklerosis (Lipanthyl 300 mg / Fenolfibrate). In addition to preventing aterosklerosis, cinnamon compound also contains antioxidants which effectively prevent cancer. The strength of the antioxidants extracted cinnamon ethanol greater than BHT (synthetic antioxidants) and tokoferol the same concentration.
Fauzan research conducted since June 2002 to February 2004 under the guidance Prof.Dr.Ir Deddy Muchtadi, MS, Dr.Ir.Fransiska Rungkat Zakaria, M.Sc., and Drh.Bambang Pontjo Priosoeryanto, MS, Ph.D. . While the location is done in various laboratories IPB, Andalas University, Padang, and the University of Indonesia.
According to the Center for Research of Public Health U.S. Department of Agriculture, cinnamon stimulate insulin ability to swing in blood glucose metabolism up to ninefold.
Leader Richard Anderson PhD research told, increase insulin efficiency benefits to the heart and metabolism. And this not only for the implications diabetes who have a problem with insulin, but also for people in general. "Theoretically diabetes can be prevented," he said. Therapy with cinnamon this is done. Good news was reported by a number of diabetics are able to maintain glucose levels with normal consume a quarter teaspoon cinnamon each day.
Cinnamon is also able to treat the disease known as Anorexia (poor appetite disease). Cinnamon, also known able to recover alleviate disease and stomach inflammation, high blood pressure, vertigo, liver, sariawan, cough-cold, acid strand, rheumatism, asthma, cramps and bleeding time.
No matter in any form, powder, stem, or oil, believed to effect medical cinnamon comes from three main components that are in it, among others: cinnamaldehyde, cinnamyl acetate, and cinnamyl alcohol.

Liang Tea Part 2 : Cylea barbata

There are two types of cincau, green  cincau is made of plants Cyclea barbata and black cincau from Mesona palustris plants or cincau perdu Premna serratifolia. green cincau plants that grows vine perdu. While black is usually a cincau plant perdu. Cincau (Cylea barbata) including trunked vine plants, small diameter stem circumference, stem bark coarse and bristly. Long stem is able to reach dozens of meters and leaves the surface of the shield-shaped surface filled with feathers. This plant flowers colour with yellow stone fruit has a red oval shape. 

Traditionally, black cincau have different property known as cough medicine, fever, constipation, diarrhea and hypertension drugs, while in South Korea, black cincau made by adding a certain spices to the mixture, promoted as health food. It also, in China and Taiwan black cincau, or better known by the name hsian tsao used as drugs to lower blood pressure and drug diuretik. 

Research Lai and Chao, the extracts are mesona fat 0.52%, protein 10.04%, 26.20% ash, and 0.52% coarse fiber. NFE (nitrogen free extract) expressed as 100 - (fat + protein + ash + fiber rough) is 61.77%. Meanwhile, the womb polisakaridanya is composed heteroglikan the top galaktosa, glucose, rhamnosa, xylosa, fruktosa, mannose, and uronic acids was 19.8%. Mineral content is natrium 61.91; 17.74 potassium, 9.23 calcium, and magnesium all in units of 16.21 mg / g. Nature antioksidannya more powerful than 200 mg / ml aplha tokoferol and with the same bha (butyl hydroanisole) at 200 mg / ml. Constant antioxidants  against DPPH (2,2-diphenil-1-picrylhydrazil radical) is 2.19, superoxide radical 3.44, the ability absorb Fe2 + 2.42, and the ability reduction 0.79 each in units of ml / mg. It also extracts capable of protecting DNA damage in human exposure limfosit hydrogen peroxide and ultraviolet iradiation.


Liang Tea Part 1 : Imperata Cylindrical

Posture: herb, grass, creep, 30-180 cm high. Trunk: rimpang, creep under the ground, establish a vertical shaft flower, compact, in the rare book blond. Leaf: a single, coherent each other close, blade; ribbon-shaped, spire sharp, straight, rough, often blond, the size of 12-80 cm. x 35-18 cm. Interest: the order of compound fascicle compound, quite close, 6-28 cm long, each branch has 2 fascicle, 2,5-5 cm branch, flower stalk 1-3 mm, gluma 1; edge bersilia, 3-6 nerves, Lemma 1 (hull); rounded out the eggs, silia short 1,5-2,5 mm. Lemma 2 (hull); lengthwise, tapering 0,5-2,5 mm. Palea (hull); 0,75-2 mm. Stamen: the essence 2,5-3,5 mm, white or purple colors. Pistil: the quill-shaped ovary. Fruit: the type of rice. The seeds: ellipse-shaped, 1 mm long over. Flowering time: January to December. 

Dr. Setiawan Dalimartha in his book, herb Traditional Medicine for Hepatitis, said that overseas reed drug patents have been made. Not only in Indonesia, the reed known many countries have a lot of property for the health. Some research results indicate there is a womb manitol, glucose, sakharosa, malic acid, citric acid, coixol, arundoin, cylindrin, fernenol, simiarenol, anemonin, gravel acid, resin, and alkali metal in it. With the nature diuretik held, and the reed is able to throw urine. In addition, the reed is also useful to cure the disease acute kidney inflammation. Diuretik nature is also useful to control your blood pressure is likely higher. Hemostatik nature can stop the bleeding is believed, can also be used in addition to the nosebleed and bleeding in the. 

The reed plants that can be used as traditional medicine is rimpang, either fresh or dried have been. The womb-womb, the reed is a antipiretik (lower heat), diuretik (urine cause to fall), hemostatik (stop bleeding), and the thirsty.

Effect BIOLOGY and FARMAKOLOGI Infusa rimpang reed effect as diuretika, on the basis of the increased concentration of electrolyte (Na, K, Cl) urin white male rat. Giving infusa root of the reed with a dose of 40, 50, 60, 70 g / kgBB effect on antipiretik marmot. Infusa interest reed on the concentration of 10% with a dose of 12 ml / kgBB effect antipiretik is relatively the same as paracetamol Suspensi 10% in the pigeon.
Test Clinic: Dekokta root of the reed with a dose of 250-300 g, 2 times morning and evening can cure 27 cases out of 30 people with acute nefritis.

On nefritis chronic, herb reed can reduce edema and lower blood pressure. 250 g Dekokta herb in the form of single or combined with rimpang and Nelumbo nucifera leaves and leaf Agrimonia pilosa can treat epistaksis (nosebleed), hemoptisis (coughing blood), hematuri (blood, urine), menorrhagia, gastrointestinal bleeding, and the top. In addition, also reported that dekokta root of the reed can be effective treatment for acute viral hepatitis in 28 cases, usually used in conjunction with the Plantago asiatica, Glechoma longituba and shoot Artemisia capillaris.


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Benefit Of Liang Tea

beverages that can lull fever, helping digestion, prevent the flu and throat refresh. one of liang tea that I know good and secure M-TEA brand made by the PD. MITRA Aditya Gemilang. Because Liang Tea M-Tea  was made with no preservative, without harmful chemicals and nicely sugar . hygienis through the process and included in the anti-bottled hot not so easy to break. can survive up to 6 months after production. Liang Tea M-Tea is made from natural materials, among reed, cincau, cinnamon and chrysanthemum tea. for any question or information about Liang Tea M-Tea can email at Yahoo or Gmail