Friday, May 22, 2009

Sulumits Retsambew | SEO Contest

I actually don't know what Sulumits Retsambew is until i read on another Blog called
Sulumits Retsambew SEO Contest. So i decide to help my friend by doing backlink to her on my blog. Do you know what is Sulumits Retsambew | SEO Contest?
it is actually a SEO contest organized by Will.Spenser, I dont really know who is this guy, the only things i know is he announced his contest in forumboard Called Netbuilders, as he said he will give $1000, $500, and $250 for whoever got first, second, or third place in Google’s organic SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) for the targeted keywords. Indented listing do not count -- each domain can win only one prize.

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  1. kenapa pake bahasa inngris ?