Monday, February 9, 2009

Liang Tea Part 2 : Cylea barbata

There are two types of cincau, green  cincau is made of plants Cyclea barbata and black cincau from Mesona palustris plants or cincau perdu Premna serratifolia. green cincau plants that grows vine perdu. While black is usually a cincau plant perdu. Cincau (Cylea barbata) including trunked vine plants, small diameter stem circumference, stem bark coarse and bristly. Long stem is able to reach dozens of meters and leaves the surface of the shield-shaped surface filled with feathers. This plant flowers colour with yellow stone fruit has a red oval shape. 

Traditionally, black cincau have different property known as cough medicine, fever, constipation, diarrhea and hypertension drugs, while in South Korea, black cincau made by adding a certain spices to the mixture, promoted as health food. It also, in China and Taiwan black cincau, or better known by the name hsian tsao used as drugs to lower blood pressure and drug diuretik. 

Research Lai and Chao, the extracts are mesona fat 0.52%, protein 10.04%, 26.20% ash, and 0.52% coarse fiber. NFE (nitrogen free extract) expressed as 100 - (fat + protein + ash + fiber rough) is 61.77%. Meanwhile, the womb polisakaridanya is composed heteroglikan the top galaktosa, glucose, rhamnosa, xylosa, fruktosa, mannose, and uronic acids was 19.8%. Mineral content is natrium 61.91; 17.74 potassium, 9.23 calcium, and magnesium all in units of 16.21 mg / g. Nature antioksidannya more powerful than 200 mg / ml aplha tokoferol and with the same bha (butyl hydroanisole) at 200 mg / ml. Constant antioxidants  against DPPH (2,2-diphenil-1-picrylhydrazil radical) is 2.19, superoxide radical 3.44, the ability absorb Fe2 + 2.42, and the ability reduction 0.79 each in units of ml / mg. It also extracts capable of protecting DNA damage in human exposure limfosit hydrogen peroxide and ultraviolet iradiation.

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